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What's it about?

TEACHING GENERATION TEXT looks at breaking the ban that exists in today’s schools and bridging the digital divide with cell phones, the most ubiquitous and overlooked learning device in American households. Discover how to stop fighting and start embracing cell phones as powerful learning aids that engage learners in fun and relevant ways.  From policy to parent permission,  from discipline to classroom management with a wealth of exciting new tools, featuring lesson plans and research-based teaching strategies TEACHING GENERATION TEXT provides everything educators need to harness the power of cells today!

Learn how I became interested in using mobile devices for learning even though they were banned in my district, here.

This video features me and my co-author sharing our thoughts about using cell phones in education.

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The secret is out! Home education is a wonderful option for young people. However, many working parents have the misconception that this is not a viable option. Fortunately, they're wrong! This guide features advice, tips, and ideas from working parents who are home educating their children. Come. Think outside of the box and provide your child with the childhood she or he deserves.
This is the first guide I created. I was inspired to write it after watching the movie Race to Nowhere. The movie identified issues with schools, but ended with no solutions. "Fix the School, Not the Child" was written to provide parents with solutions they can pursue when schools are not meeting their children's needs.
Parent Guide to Fixing Schools

Did you know that a young person can go to the College of their dreams and/or pursue that career they've always wanted without ever attending high school? Neither did I! Once I learned this little known secret I connected with those who have done just that and created this guide so others can follow a path I wish I had known was available when I was younger.
Teen Guide to Opting Out of School

Mobile Education - Lessons from 35 Education Experts on Improving Learning with Mobile Technology
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Guides educators through getting started with using the devices they own and use everyday for leading, teaching, and learning. Willyn Webb and I take a look at the three ways to use cell phones with an overview of each of the three tools and advice on how to get started.

This is followed by ideas for how administrators are using these tools to strengthen relationships while saving time and money, teachers are using them either in class or for homework, and how students themselves are using the tools to enhance their learning.

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