I am a moderator of several online groups where members are keeping the conversation going by sharing ideas, links, and asking for feedback. If you find one that is of interest to you, please join.

The Innovative Educator
Members of this group are interested in taking action to ensure innovative learning options exist in their communities.

Homeschooling, Unschooling, Uncollege, Opt Out, DIY, Online Learning
This group is a place for parents, students, teens, and teachers frustrated with traditional schooling can come together to discuss the more effective options they are pursuing. Read more here.

The Student Voice
This group brings together those who are working to unite and centralize the increasingly powerful student voice.

The Student Union This group is a forum to bring student voices to education reform. Educators can be active participants by reading and "liking," but leaving posting up to students. This is a great opportunity to listen to "this side of the classroom."

School-Free Teens
This group is primarily for teens who are (or are considering) living without traditional school to share ideas and advice about exploring, discovering, and developing passions, talents, and interests.

This group supports and inspires those who Choose2Matter. Learn more about Choose2Matter here and here.

Teaching Generation Text
This group is for educators, parents, and teachers who believe that students should be empowered to harness the power of the tools they own and love (i.e. cell phones & mobile devices) for learning.
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