Bring Lisa Nielsen to Your Next Event

Our participants left the conference feeling motivated and ready to try their new found skills. Thank you for making me look good!

Les Cohn - Conference Organizer Director, Nassau TRACT Teacher Center

Lisa inspires audiences around the world to become catalysts for success to themselves, their students, and others around them.


Lisa to find out how she can inspire your school or organization via a physical or virtual speaking presentation. Lisa is also available for consulting to schools outside the NYC Department of Education.

Lisa's satisfied clients include
Global Education Forum - Madrid | Columbia University's Teachers College | Google Headquarters - New York | SAR Academy | Tri-State Educational Technology Conference | Nassau TRACT Teachers Center Tech Conference | Technology Leadership Institute | New York State’s Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages | Canadian Sports Leadership Conference | Ct Association of School Libraries | AMCO - Mexico


  • Empowering students to learn with their own digital devices (BYOD)
  • Connecting school life to real life
  • Passion - not just data - driven learning
  • Developing your personal learning network
  • Using social media for success in learning and life

All speeches are customized
Lisa does not have a set speech. She tailors each speech to each client.

My 140 Character Edu Talk about "Connecting School Life to Real Life."
YOU WERE FANTASTIC! At this point in my tech abilities both personally and as an educator, I have sat through many conferences hoping to get one tiny treasure to "push on" to the next great thing...only to have the dialogue turned by an 'immigrant' in the audience speaking of the good ole days in the OLD COUNTRY! Yesterday, I left with a boatload of new info and was positively GIDDY about it...and that there is a Lisa Nielsen out there who is not only uber-talented...but also uses words like "balls and ass." And...on simply a fun girly note...you get style points as well on your beautiful outfit! I am also a teacher of models on the weekend (Tech teacher by day...Model instructor by night...busy, single working mother syndrome!) and you looked fabulous! Just as your presentation was edgy and stylish ...so were you! Yeah I'm a FAN!   -Maureen Kelly Rossi, Conference participant
Participants Tweets
Renny Fong Awesome keynote, Lisa! You did us Manhattanites proud! While you were presenting, I heard someone say, "I LOVE her Blog Family Tree! That's so cool!" ;)
Deven Black Lisa rocked. People were blown away by the humor, the pathos, and all the technology. Not to mention the important points made!
patriciasmeyers You were great today. I am so sparked to teach Monday. I can't believe I said that on Sat. night!

Listen to Lisa Nielsen, The Innovative Educator on these webcasts, audiocasts, and radio shows.

BAM Radio
Overcoming the Six Biggest Objections to Project- Based Learning #PBLchat
Solution to combatting lonely, isolated educators:  Personal Learning

An "Out of the Box" Conversation on Education with Lisa Nielsen
Join me on the FutureofEducation.com webinar as Steve Hargadon and I engage in a conversation on a variety of "out of the box" topics, including using cell phones to enhance learning, child-centered and customized learning, the changing role of teachers, "hacking" education, learning without teachers or grade levels, schooling that hurts children, opting out of school, home education, and more!

Recording is here and the portable .mp3 audio recording is here.

Listen to The Innovative Educator Share Ideas for Fixing Schools Not Children
This is my interview on Parents as Partners where I discuss ideas about fixing the school rather than the child.  I spend quite some time discussing ideas for opting out of standardized tests.
Unplugged Mom Radio - Applying the Pedagogy of Home Education to School Practice
I had the pleasure of being a guest on Laurette Lynn’s Unplugged Mom radio show which you can listen to below.  We had a great conversation where we discussed learning vs. schooling and how I am working to bring open source learning and child-lead learning principles into the school environment.  We also talked about how today's technology, internet and social networking can be useful in learning more and enriching our educational experiences for both children and parents!  We touched on internet apprenticeships, community learning, active parenting and more!  Lots of great info.  Many thanks to Laurette Lynn for inviting me to be on her show! My interview starts at 19:00. 
Listen to internet radio with The Unplugged Mom


Seth Godin's Stop Stealing Dreams

Moderator: Steve Hargadon 
Panel: Lisa Nielsen, Patrick Ferenga, Lisa Cooley, Lisa Nalbone, and Nikhil Goyal 
Sharing their thoughts around the topics addressed in the book including K - 12 and higher education reform, home schooling, and what parents, students, and school boards can do to affect change.
Recording here and the MP3 version here. 


Personal Learning Profiles

Moderator: Steve Hargadon
Panel: Barbara Bray, Kathleen McClaskey, and Shannon Miller. 
With a growing sense of the value of personalized, customized, and student-driven learning, we discuss the following:-What is the best way to capture and communicate students' learning plans and goals?-Who should "own" these profiles/plans, both in terms of responsibility and ultimate control? How can and should personal learning profiles interact with student portfolios?-In a vision of teachers as lead-learners, what provisions are being made to bring personal learning profiles to the profession itself?Recordings: Full Blackboard Collaborate Recording is here and portable .mp3 recording is here

"Now that We're Feeling the Passion What Do We Do Next?"

Moderator: Steve Hargadon

Panel: Lisa Nielsen, Angela Maiers, Amy Sandvold, George Couros

Answering questions and sharing practical ideas about passion-driven learning.

The Innovative Educator Discusses UnSchooling Lessons for Schools
Moderator: Steve Hargadon
Panel: Lisa Nielsen, Kate Berring, contributor to The Innovative Educator and author of the blog Skipping SchoolMonika Hardy, and Clark Aldrich author of Unschooling Rules book and blog.

During the show we will talk about the following topics:

  • Why schools are resistant to change and are stuck in the outdated, industrial mode of education.
  • Essential learning that most high schools forget to teach i.e. authentic evidence of learning captured in real world formats i.e. career or academic portfolios and resumes.
  • Why standardized testing doesn’t work
  • How the principles of unschooling can be applied in school environments.   
You can listen to the recording here .

Teaching Generation Text 
Brian Lehrer show on 93.9 FM and and 820 AM
Willyn Webb and I discuss the benefits of empowering students with the freedom to learn with the digital tools they own and love and  addressed the importance of going from banning to embracing the power of student-owned technology. 

Engaging Ed Radio 
Lisa Nielsen and Willyn Webb discuss using cell phones and student owned devices in the classroom to enhance learning. Listen to internet radio with Engaging  Educators on Blog Talk Radio

5 Steps for Harnessing the Power of Cells in Ed
Lisa Nielsen and Willyn Webb share a five-step plan for harnessing the power of cell phones and education. 
Listen  here.

Podcast - Cell Phones: Out of the Pocket and Into the Classroom
Lisa Nielsen and Willyn Webb discuss students using the tools they already own!
Audio file - Listen without download by scrolling to the end of the chat. Download audio here. 
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