Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Charter Schools: Overrated Or Innovation Hubs - An @IQ2US Debate

What could be wrong with giving families the right to choose a school for their child? Why shouldn't every family, not just those with means, have the right to choose.  That will be among the issues discussed tonight at IQ2S Debate: Are Charter Schools Overrated. Intelligence Squared aims to restore civility, reasoned analysis, and constructive discourse to the often biased media landscape. 

Tonight they will bring together four debaters who you can read more about here

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The  event hashtag is #IQ2USLive and the organization hosting is @IQ2US

The debaters can be found on Twitter as follows:
Gary Miron  @WMU_EMO_StudyGp
Julian Vasquez Heilig @ProfessorJVHJeanne Allen @JeanneAllenGerard Robinson @gerard_924

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Before you vote or comment, do your homework and get informed. Here is the debate prep materials put together by the debaters:
Here is an article I recently wrote on the topic:

Interested in attending live or via live stream? Visit:

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