Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Tech-Infused Lessons and Activities for Spring Break Fun

Innovative educators wanting to provide tech-infused, quality activities and lessons for their students can find a treasure trove of resources for each day. 

There you'll find resources from companies such as PBS/WNET, Common Sense, EverFi, Thrively, Angela Maier's: Genius Matters. They have compiled lessons, activities and resources for every grade, aligned to all the Spring Fun themes outlined by New York City's Chancellor this week.

Everything is available at no cost!

Learn more at 3:00 today during our webinar: Using Thrively for College & Career Readiness Theme for April 9th Learning,
Thrively website screenshot that says: Unleash your child's genius. Get a head start. Put passion first.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Spring Break Activities for Remote Learning

For schools that are doing remote learning this Spring Break there are lots of options for teachers to find materials, resources, and activities that will delight your students and that families will love. Each will be available at no cost during school closures.  


Thrively gives every child a strength-based assessment that uncovers the student’s talents, interests, and abilities.  It also shows them via short videos the kind of lives and careers others have pursued who have similar strengths. Next, Thrively shows them how to pursue their interests via face-to-face and online activities, videos, experiences, and apps to inspire and challenge students- all personalized to their unique strengths. Finally, Thrively provides a digital portfolio for students to capture and share their accomplishments.