Saturday, August 30, 2008

Comments, Responding, Timeliness via Drape's Takes

I was planning to write a post on commenting. My blog idea notes (which I keep in the memo pad on my BlackBerry) for this post said, "write something about how and when to comment." It also said to include that commenting is a great way to learn about topics of interest and be accountable for doing so because once published you have to stand by your words. My notes also said that commenting is one of the best ways to prepare for writing a blog and for those not ready to commit to a blog, commenting is a great way to be involved in high-level conversations and learn blogging ettiquette. My notes also said to tell readers that some people think of commenting as microblogging. Additionally, I had a note to include the anecdote about the first time I left a message on an answering machine and tell readers how I hung up the first several times, then kept erasing my message, then wrote my message down first...before leaving the message. After that I wrote my message each time before I left one for a while. Then, I just became comfortable leaving messages without thinking about it too much. I think this is similar with commenting.

As I was reading what others had to say about commenting, I came across this post Drape's Takes: Comments, Responding, & Timeliness. It sums up a lot of my thinking and I myself commented to add meaning, so I'm trying something new and letting Drape's Takes speak for me. Check out the post and the comments!!! And, i encourage you to make your own comment there, and here.

My feeling about comments is that every post is timeless and it's never too late to comment because they are all Googleable posts with a life of their own. If nothing else I get a notification anytime someone posts a comment and any time the rest of the world looks up what you've commented on, the conversation continues.

If this is something you've wondered about check out Drape's Takes: Comments, Responding, & Timeliness.

You'll also notice this post invites readers to try something called coComment which I'm experimenting with as part of The Comment Challenge designed for bloggers to be better blogizens by commenting on many blogs. I'm new to all this, but figured I'd give it a try. I think it lets me track all the comments I make on other people's blogs. If I'm right it's a powerful way to keep track of conversation using your Technorati Profile.

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