Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Simple Answer to the Question About The Arts in Education

Those who know me are aware that I tend not to be much of an outwardly emotional or sensitive person. I'm direct, to the point, have my eye on the prize and focus on doing great things and getting the work done. That's why I'm always amazed and impressed when something moves me. Over the years as I've become better acquainted with myself and what makes me tick, I've come to realize that what moves me are powerful ideas and stories...of course, but when expressed through the arts this hide-your-emotion woman is often at a loss.

When ed tech star CoolCatTeacher Tweeted this, I was compelled to take a look at what she was talking about especially since I rarely see educators Tweeting about crying.
Vicki Davis coolcatteacher Watched this video 4 times - crying - YouTube - Inspirational Video On Increasing Your Confidence! .

So, I bravely clicked on the link challenging this unknown video to move me.

Guess what? It met the challenge.

I wonder how many of our students have this or some other gift inside them waiting to be unwrapped and celebrated. How are educational institutions positioned to help that happen? Do we have what it takes to, as one judge articulated, help turn a piece of coal into a diamond? Shouldn't this be a primary focus in how we educate our students?

The back story is also of interest.
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Need I say more about the importance of tapping into the environments in which our students are living, thriving, and in many cases, doing wonderful and powerful work for authentic audiences. Our students can teach educators to impact the world in ways we may not even know exist.

From Saifuldinho on YouTube:

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In this video, watch Paul Potts sing his heart out at Britain's Got Talent Competition.

He doesn't look like a singer, he's been training all the way up to the competition but he lacks belief in himself. Now, he's sold over 2 million copies of his record - simply because he believed in himself when others didn't.

Really made me cry when he sang in this video.

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