Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Does Your School Have The Conditions Essential For Creating Powerful Uses of Technology?

Certain conditions must exist for schools to effectively use technology to enhance education. The International Society for Technology Educators recommends a combination of essential conditions necessary to create learning environments conducive to powerful uses of technology including:

-Vision with support and proactive leadership from the education system
-Educators skilled in the use of technology for learning
-Content standards and curriculum resources
-Student-centered approaches to learning
-Assessment of the effectiveness of technology for learning
-Access to contemporary technologies, software, and telecommunications networks
-Technical assistance for maintaining and using technology resources
-Community partners who provide expertise, support, and real-life interactions
-Ongoing financial support for sustained technology use
-Policies and standards supporting new learning environments

If you want to determine if your school has the conditions essential for meeting the National Educational Technology standards check out this handy “Essential Conditions for Success” tool which enables you to assess where you are and determine plans to move to where you want to be.

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