Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wiki Established to Explore Use of Educational Networking

By Dana Lawit

One of the most liberating characteristics of the Internet and Web 2.0 technology -- the ability for an infinite number of individuals, communities, and networks to broadcast and exchange ideas instantly -- is also perhaps the most maddening.

What the web lacks, for better or for worse, is an editor.* And while I consider myself a savvy Googler (made more savvy thanks to The Innovative Educator's recent post spotlighting Google Search education), sometimes I don't want to search. Instead, I'd like to browse and wander around a world of ideas the way I'm able to do on those lucky Sunday mornings with the New York Times.

All of this is say that I really appreciate a good editor, or perhaps a more aptly stated would be that of curator. That's why I'm excited that Steve Hargadon has established a wiki to explore the uses of Educational Networks (social networks devoted to education). The site even includes a listing of current educational networks. It's nice to have a place to start my web wanderings that is vetted by a reputable curator.

Who are your favorite web curators? Where do you go for the digest? Suggestions welcomed.

*I don't want to imply that I think that web content should be filtered or edited by one individual, or organization. Wikipedia's model of an active editing community is an incredible example of group think. What's missing from so many blogs is an exchange between writer and editor.

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