Friday, October 23, 2009

100 Incredible Open Lectures for Math Geeks

This from might be of interest to innovative math educators trying to bring resources to their classroom.

From the site:

While many math geeks out there may have been teased for their love of numbers, it’s math that makes the world go round, defining everything from the economy to how the universe itself operates. You can indulge your love of mathematics in these great lectures and lecture series. Some are meant to review the basics and others will keep you on the cutting edge of what renowned researchers are doing in the field, but all will help you expand your knowledge and spend a few hours enjoying a topic you love.

At the site you'll find the following types of lectures:

Basic Math

These lectures cover some pretty basic mathematical issues that can be a great review or help younger math lovers get a handle on a subject.


Calculus has a reputation for being hard, and while some of it surely is, these lectures show you how to conquer some pretty difficult problems as well as explain some in-depth concepts in a way you can understand.


In these lectures you’ll learn about a wide range of topics in algebra.


These lectures cover everything from geometry basics to extremely advanced topics.

Other Math

These lectures covers a wide spectrum of mathematical topics from the basics of probability to the intricacies of differential equations.


Math forms the foundation of the science of physics and you can learn more about recent developments, the basic equations and much more in these lectures.


Get a better idea of the math behind engineering of all kinds with these great lectures.

Business and Economics

Watch or listen to these lectures to learn something new about statistics, economics, or the basic mathematical principles of the financial world.

Check out the lectures at 100 Incredible Open Lectures for Math Geeks.

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