Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Kids Know Best - They Don't Want the Test!

Kids are speaking out!

Last June I shared a frustrated 5th Grader's Smart Advice About Standardized Testing. Today I bring you 12-year-old Anthony Herrera who was a victim of K12Online and South Carolina Virtual Charter Choice to Make Profit Even If It Means Making Children Sick. Anthony wrote the letter and taped the video below because he wanted to tell people what's going on, and thank everyone for the support he and his family have been receiving from those who value the well-being of children over test scores.  

Here is Anthony's letter.
First of all I thank you for all you have done for me. The PASS test was horrible. They forced me to do the test and my blood sugar rose 250 points above normal. I never ate anything either so it was not my fault.

I'm so grateful you are helping me out. I really am happy that something is being done. I have been hit by kids, made fun of, and embarrassed. My diabetes bag was called a purse, and once a kid took off his shoe and threw it at my head. Before I was taking a medicine that made me sleepy, so what happened? My teacher jerked me up by my arm and I had to stand in a corner, she then gave a kid that hates me a squirt gun. If I fell asleep I would be shot with it. I cried myself to sleep standing up. All my school life has been a living nightmare that was made for me.

My mom put me in K12 SCVCS so I'd be safe. I wasn't even safe there. This test is wrong for everyone not even LIKE me! No one should take this test! Why do they so called "need you to take it"? What is this for? Nothing! Zero! Again, thank you so much! Thank you God for everyone who is supporting me.

Thank you again.

Anthony Herrera
Here is Anthony’s video

Anthony's story was also shared at Grumpy Educator.  See what they had to say and the comments left by readers. 

If you have or know someone with a place to share this story, please share far and wide.  If you'd like to join the effort to stop hurting kids visit

Update: Anthony has left school behind and is doing great. You can read about how he was kicked out of school in this Ed Week article and his mother's response here

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