Thursday, June 14, 2012

Students Empower Each Other & Teachers to Learn with Tech as Funding Runs Dry

Photo credit: Mike Sheehan Photography
The Manhattan Office of Educational Technology held an innovation celebration to showcase the work of students who partnered with teachers for learning with technology.  At the event student presenters demonstrated for visiting adults and peers ways in which they were using technology to innovate learning.

Some students shared how they are empowered to analyze their own data to drive their learning, others shared how they use student response systems to grow their abilities in mental math, some showed how they used iPads to better understand and discuss stories they were reading, and another class showed how they came together to publish their own book about their learning using iBooks.  The event also featured a panel where students explained to teachers and peers the importance of being empowered to use the technology tools they love for learning.  

Showing his support for this work, Congressman Charlie Rangel spoke with the students and teachers addressing the audience with inspiring words about learning with technology and the importance of doing so to prepare learners for a digital world.  
Photo credit: Mike Sheehan Photography

There was much excitement and inspiration throughout the day as students shared their innovative work with other students and teachers. You can read about one school's take on the day, and read about the event and the end of funding as it was covered in Gotham Schools.

Supporting students in using the tools they choose to accomplish learning goals and encouraging them to share their knowledge with others is a key to preparing 21st century learners.  Unfortunately, the U.S. Department of Education has failed to reauthorize funding to enhance education through technology. By the end of August the ed tech offices in all five boroughs of New York City will be shut down as the funding runs dry.


  1. This sucks, big time. Once again the NYCDOE take one step forward and three steps back.

    Does this mean you need a job?

  2. Don't worry about all of these details! Remember, Bloomberg was just bragging that graduation rates (i.e., test-taking abilities) are up! College and world-readiness aren't up but that's too hard to measure!

  3. hey lisa - sorry to hear about the impending closing of your office. I remember when this same thing happened in the 90s, the last time the borough offices were closed. in actuality it was, and is, a small investment for the level and type of support given. good luck!