Thursday, August 16, 2012

Free tool for flipping the classroom

ScreenCameraIf you’re flipping over the flipped classroom, you may also be looking for a tool that can record and broadcast real-time screencasts in your chosen platform (i.e. Skype, MSN Messenger, UStream) that you can use for capturing webcasts, tutorials, and more.

PCWinSoft is offering readers of The Innovative Educator free licenses for ScreenCamera (normally $49.95) to do just that.  

ScreenCamera enables you to choose to record a section of the desktop, the whole desktop, the area around the mouse cursor or an ‘exclusive window’. The exclusive window is where the program will continue capturing the chosen a Window even after it is not the active or the topmost one. ScreenCamera can also take snapshot images and it can also work as a normal screen recorder. Once you record the video you can save it on your computer. ScreenCamera works on PCs that have Windows 2000 and newer.

Try it out for free, by simply visiting this link to get the activation key.


  1. Camstudio ( is an open-source, free screen capture software. I might suggest you push this instead of peddling a commercial product.

  2. There are many commercial products that are free to educators. I am all about "pushing" resources that are provided free to teachers.

  3. appreciate this resource. There are many ways to get from one point to another to achieve the goal. Windows has ScreenCamera or Skype, Google has Google Hangout, Apple has Facetime. thank you. #TXTNLRN_apps_test