Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Translate Informal Learning Into PD Credit with Knowit

When it comes to innovative educators it’s not unusual to spend a lot of time on social media—reading, watching, sharing, learning, connecting, and creating. The articles you read, comments you make, and ideas you share on social platforms like Twitter tell a compelling story of your knowledge and interests. However, right now all of that work is undocumented.

What if there was a way to turn all this learning into something that could be quantified?

The challenge seems difficult because social media is mainly focused on what is going on right now, so it fails to show the story that has built up over time. Your learning is there in the chaos, but much of it is buried pretty deep.

Knowit is a free tool that addresses this challenge making sense of that chaos. When you sign up, Knowit scours the links you share on Twitter, automatically categorizes them, and makes inferences about your expertise. It then builds a simple but information-rich profile that tells your knowledge story. Once the story of your informal learning has been pulled together, you can use it to document your professional development, learn more effectively, and even use it on your resume to give hiring managers something positive to find in your social media profile and help you land that perfect job.

Check out my Knowit profile below or see it live at: http://knowitapp.com/innovativeedu

So, what are you waiting for? Go to
Knowit and find out the areas in which it says you are an expert.


  1. Tried this yesterday. Amongst all the education and technology related terms, was CARS. I know nothing about cars. I don't even like them. S I wondered what was going on.
    I am assuming that the search engines found me using car-related metaphors like, steering a group, or driving change, or transmission of information.

  2. I wasn't really that interested in trying it out until your comment, now I am curious about what hidden metaphors my profile might be harboring.