Monday, July 1, 2013

Missed #ISTE13? Ok, but don't miss the @AdamBellow keynote!

If you weren't able to make ISTE, don't worry.  You can still catch Adam Bellow's rousing and inspiring closing keynote, "You're Invited to Change the World" right here. Go to the end of this post and start at 21:30.
One of the things I loved about this keynote is that he hits on what has inspired so many educators to join the teaching profession. Many of us grew up believing that we did indeed have the power to change the world. Yes, there were naysayers or people who shook their heads calling us dreamers, but we believed that we were joining a profession that could change the lives that changed the world. Adam reminds us that despite other distractions, we can and do have that power within us and invites us to go forward and embrace that goal.

Donning his snazzy Google Glasses, Adam hits on several important points.  These were among my favorites:

  • Pointing out the hypocrisy in so many schools banning social media tools like Facebook for students, yet they have a school Facebook page.  
  • Modeling how he used Facebook to connect with a student and build relationships. Powerful story!
  • The importance of social media in times of grief and how that can lead to starting a powerful movement. 
  • Supporting all students with an individualized education plan (IEP) or what I call a personal success plan (PSP) that focuses on personalization, rather than standardization.
  • The shout out he gave to both me for a phrase I use often when it comes to social media (watch it to find out).
  • Pointing out why innovation is not putting a bubble test on a mobile device.
  • The power of teachers taking ownership of their professional development with #EdChats on Twitter and face-to-face EdCamps.
  • The shout out he gave to The Student Voice (#StuVoice) as a powerful movement for students to take a seat at the table to share what they think and feel about education.
  • The mention of how one teenager, Nikhil Goyal can write a book (One Size Does Not Fit All) to prompt important conversations. 
  • Demonstrating the power of Google Glass to quickly and easily capture important moments through the eyes of the wearer.
That's what I loved about Adam's presentation.  Now it's your turn to check it out. When you do, please share what had an impact on you.

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