Wednesday, August 7, 2013

iLiteracy: Distinguishing Fact from Fiction Online

Tree Octopus
Along with the many benefits of being able to freely access the world's information online comes the challenge of separating reliable information from unreliable. How can teachers help students avoid the scams, scoundrels and hoaxes that come with bringing the Internet into the classroom?  

You won't want to miss this BAM radio episode, where Ray Pica interviews me along with three other guests. Here is who you will hear from on this show.

Dr. Joyce Valenza is the teacher-librarian at Springfield Township High School in Erdenheim, PA. She is a prolific education and technology writer.   

Robert Pondiscio is a former South Bronx 5th-grade teacher. Pondiscio has written and lectured extensively about education and ed reform, most recently as the vice president of the Core Knowledge Foundation. 

Brian Mull has been a middle school teacher, a technology director and a curriculum specialist. He now assists schools and districts in the building of robust and rigorous educational environments. 

Lisa Nielsen, author of the book Teaching Generation Text, is a longtime public school educator who has worked in various capacities. 

Spoiler alert:  Take a listen to see how Joyce Valenza manages to shift Robert Pondiscio's thinking on the topic of students validating hoax sites.

You can find information for tuning in here

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