Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Has Google replaced teaching?

This is what a passionate student told a room full of educators at the 2013 Tech Forum in New York in response to a question from social studies teacher Melissa Seideman. She was asking how Digital Native students prefer learning when it comes to technology use.

Other students chimed in telling teachers this:

They are doing what adults would call, "reaching out to their personal learning network."

The students had more advice for teachers:

In conversation with a Tweep that inquired about my Tweet, I explained... 
These young people are not alone. Connected educators have been learning using the internet and their network for quite some time. We know learning is no longer something that is confined to a certain place, at a certain time, from a certain teacher.  

This may not be the way all, or even most, students like to learn, but it certainly is representative of quite a few. How does practice change if we are teaching students who want teachers to step aside so they can learn via their preferred method of Googling and messaging friends?

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