Sunday, February 16, 2014

Recap apps - A great way to begin the digital footprint conversation

As a gift to members, for its ten year anniversary, Facebook is giving us its latest recap app. It's called "A look back" and it provides you with a 60-second overview of your life on Facebook from the beginning. 

Here's mine:
A look back over my six years on Facebook. Click here to watch

This recap app provides a great way to start the conversation with students about digital footprints. For homework asked students to check out their own recap app by visiting Send a note home to parents/guardians, encouraging them to do this as a family activity as well. Families are important partners in supporting their children in developing a positive digital identity.  

Here are some of things you can have students (and their families think about, write about, and/or discuss after taking a look back at their lives on Facebook broken down by recap section. 
  • You joined
    • What were you most excited about? Unsure of? How did that play out?
  • Your first moments
    • How have you grown/changed? 
    • What do you think the future holds? How might you convey this?
    • Who were you spending those moments with? 
      • How has Facebook affected your relationship?
  • Your most liked posts
    • What do they say about you?
    • Do they represent the you, you want the world to know?
      • If so, how? If not, how can you change that?
    • If you could go back how might you revise your most popular posts? 
  • Photos you've shared
    • Have you made good choices in the photos you've shared? Do they portray yourself and those with whom you are connected in a positive light? 
  • Like?
    • What did you like about most about your look back? Least?
What do you think? 
Is this something that would be valuable for you students? What else might you do? How might you involve families?  How could you use this as a launching point for learning?

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