Wednesday, August 13, 2014

3 Ways Effective Principals Support Teachers

Innovative educators are often frustrated when administration will not allow them time for collaboration and professional study. At the same time,  innovative educators know that to succeed they need to have an effective principal at the helm. Principal effectiveness includes knowing how to provide teachers with these three things:
  1. Time for collaboration
  2. Time for professional development
  3. A school wide system that supports positive behavior
These items require principals to find innovative ways to give their teachers time to learn.  Without that, even the most motivated of educators will have a hard time staying up to date and bringing innovative practices to their school.  If your school principal forgets, share the below infographic. It makes a great case for principals who may need a reminder every so often why you need to attend that amazing conference, ed camp, workshop, or Twitter chat.

Click below to check out the Infographic
The Impact Effective Principals have on Education Infographic – Queens University of Charlotte Online
Via:The Impact Effective Principals Have on Education

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