Thursday, February 12, 2015

#ThrowbackThursday - Translation Tools for English Language Learners

Today's #ThrowbackThursday brings us to a post I wrote when I was frustrated with a project I was working on with a vendor that didn't understand the value of free translation tools. Instead they were trying to figure out how to translate everything via a human translator making the project an impossible undertaking in terms of man power and money. Fast forward several years and many of these tools, such as Google Translate, have become common place. I also touched on some less commonly known tools like  Odiogo which makes text talk.  

Written: November 9, 2008
Topic: Translation Tools

Who might be interested: Educators who work with students and parent for whom English is not their first language.

Favorite excerpt:  The internet has changed the rules and really has made information accessible in ways never before possible. So even if a site or vendor you are working with has not incorporated these tools, you do not have to wait. These are all available, FREE, TODAY for all innovative educators interested in enhancing student achievement for ELLs, foreign language students and those reading below grade level.

Reader question: What resources are you using to support English Language Learners?


5 Translation Tools That Serve as Fantastic Resources for Students Who Are ELL, Foreign Language, and Struggling Readers

I'm currently deploying a large-scale online program which is internet-based and in English. The problem in New York City is we have students who speak over 100 languages for whom this tool is barely accessible since they are not proficient in the language. So now we're discussing potentially making the site English/Spanish with possibly additional languages to come down the road. This decision will take a significant amount resources including funding and human manpower providing a perfect translation by one language and, of course this person will have to be brought in any time there is a site change or update which in the ever-changing 21st Century-means often.

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