Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Teacher Advice to Students On Social Media Use

Educators who incorporate social media into the work of students must ensure responsible use. I asked members of The Innovative Educator group ( for their advice to students when it comes to using social media responsibly. 

Here is what they said. 
  • Share or be square.
  • Be your best self online and in life.
  • Use social media to promote good will.
  • Use digital wisdom.
  • Use social media for social good.
  • Know what you stand for when you post.
  • Learn to use social media and use social media to learn.
  • Be authentic and genuine online and off.
  • Begin working on your digital footprint in high school.
  • Discuss online reputation with your family.
  • Use proper language to show you know know from no.
  • Your posts can outlive you, so post wisely.   
  • When you post online, you are creating your legacy.
  • Use social media for social responsibility.
  • Be the you, you want to be when you post.
  • Your voice matters and social media gives you a platform for others to hear it. 
  • Post words you can standby because anything you say online can stay with you for a lifetime.
  • If you can dream it you can build it, develop it, change it, create it, connect it, reflect on it, tell it, learn it and collaborate all with social media.
  • Connect yourself to the world using social media.
  • With social media you also get to meet people’s minds before or even without seeing their faces. 
Share this list with students. They could turn these tips into creative signs that will serve as reminders.  Ask students which they like. Are there any tips they disagree with? What other advice do they have?

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