Sunday, May 31, 2015

Interested in Teaching with Mobile Tech? Read This Month's Ed Leadership

In case you missed it, ASCD's Ed Leadership magazine has an entire issue dedicated to "Teaching with Mobile Tech." My Teaching Gen Text co-author and I had the opportunity to contribute.

Here is an excerpt:

Teaching with Cell Phones

Research suggests that students are eager to use their cell phones for learning. Are schools ready to catch up?

Cell phones need not be a distraction in schools. Instead, they can be tools for sustaining engagement, supporting real-world cooperative learning, and empowering learning on the go.

Students already know this. According to a Project Tomorrow survey (2013), 78 percent of middle school students say they use their cell phone to check grades; 69 percent credit it with helping them take class notes; 64 percent enjoy its aid in accessing online textbooks; 56 percent say it helps them write papers and do homework; and 47 percent say it helps them learn about school activities. If students are doing all these things on their own, just think how much more they can accomplish when educators incorporate cell phones into instruction.
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Feature Articles

Perspectives / Let Them Be Awesome

Marge Scherer

A Vision for Mobile Learning: More Verbs, Fewer Nouns

Julie Evans

For today's students, learning is a 24/7 enterprise.

How to Transform Teaching with Tablets

Tom Daccord and Justin Reich

Devices alone can't reboot classroom practice, but using tablets with a purpose can.

Five Tips for Managing Mobile Devices

Catlin Tucker

To embrace the diversity of devices, establish new norms for responsible use.

What's Behind Bad Behavior on the Web?

Elizabeth Englander

From trolling to priming to feeling a false sense of privacy—the trickiness of digital discourse.

Choosing Apps by Design

Jay McTighe and Tom March

How to use learning tools to acquire knowledge, make meaning, and transfer learning.

The Learning Potential of e-Books

Lotta Larson

The reading experience changes for the better when students strategically use e-books.

Special Topic / "Best Practice"—The Enemy of Better Teaching

Bradley A. Ermeling, James Hiebert and Ronald Gallimore

What research says about the elusive search for best practices.

Digital Backchannels: Giving Every Student a Voice

Jeffrey P. Carpenter

Backchannel communication ramps up the level of teacher-student interaction.

Going One-to-One, 2.0

Mark Warschauer and Tamara Tate

Recommendations for successfully implementing laptop and tablet initiatives.

Apps, Apps Everywhere: Are Any Good, You Think?

Larry Ferlazzo
The author selects his top-11 list of apps that add value to students' learning.

Columns / Departments

Double Take

Reviews, research, and relevant reads.

Research Says / Mobile Devices: Driving Us to Distraction?

Bryan Goodwin
Examining the research about multitasking.

Show & Tell: A Video Column / Three Lessons About Going Digital

Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey
How to help students concentrate, organize, collaborate. Watch the video.

Power Up! / Choosing the Right Device

Doug Johnson
Schools should calculate the TCO—total cost of ownership—for any technology purchase.

Principal Connection / Riding the Technology Wave

Thomas R. Hoerr
How to go with the flow without getting swept away.

One to Grow On / Mobile Tech: Great Potential, Great Challenges

Carol Ann Tomlinson
Mobile tech could blow open the classroom if we would only let it.

Tell Me About … / How You're Using Mobile Technology

Student Takes: How Does Technology Improve Learning?

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