Wednesday, September 30, 2015

6 Ideas to Inspire Anyone to Become A Make Believer #Makerspace #MakerFaire #WMF15

Guest post by Jackie Patanio
I never thought of myself as a maker... until this weekend. I participated in my first Education Forum and Maker Faire with my son, a mini maker in the works. Educators, kickstarters, & supporters were all at the forefront of the amazing maker movement. 
While there I was inspired to contemplate my passions and consider how I could make in my own life.
My first thought: I am an avid shoe collector why am I not prototyping a shoe to fit the needs of my lifestyle? I mean, someone “made” this Spooktacular shoe. Why can't that someone be me?
Source at this link.
My second thought: I’m an educator and leader, how can I transfer this new knowledge and excitement for making to others in my district?
The answer became clear.
I will help create “Make-Believers” in Staten Island corralling like-minded educators and pioneers in the field. I am no expert on making, but have the drive to learn along with and support others teachers, students and administrators who want to take the leap. The Make-Believers can become trailblazers for our districts maker movement, encouraging those who have already taken the plunge to guide others.
My “Makeaways” from this experience:
1. All you need is an idea and the drive to make it happen.
2. If you can’t buy it, make it.
3. You don’t need expensive machines or tools to be a maker.
4. Age is not an obstacle, mini makers can flourish at any time.
5. Enthusiasm and passion can help make, makers.
6. Making should be part of the content we teach embedded into our planning.
Jackie Patanio is an instructional technology leader in Staten Island. Prior to that she served as a technology coach and classroom teacher at PS 16 in Staten Island. Jackie strives to enhance innovative practices in schools through integrating technology into the curriculum.

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