Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Hottest Post Ever That Everybody’s Reading

This week’s hottest post is the hottest post ever on The Innovative Educator garnering more than 17,000 views in one week.  The post shares secrets to success for getting your principal to say yes from former @NYCSchools Principal Jason Levy (@Levy_Jason), who now advises principals and superintendents on how to develop a compelling vision and strategies to succeed with educational technology. It’s no wonder that this post is so popular with the innovative educators who read this blog. You are the ones who are often excited about trying out new resources and strategies and usually need the principal's thumbs up to do so.

There are several other posts that round out the top including one that explains why reading may not be as important as you think and another that shares some good ideas for saving time.  If any of these posts look of interest, check em out below and share with others.

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