Sunday, November 20, 2016

This Hack Will Help You Deliver Killer Presentations

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I had the opportunity to attend #GovTechLive and listen to Anthony Huey (@AnthonyHuey) share some ideas about "Communicating the right way."

He started his presentation by sharing what could happen if you wing it.

While you may be lucky enough to not have such an experience, there is a reason that speaking to an audience is one of the greatest fears of humankind.

But it doesn't have to be if you prepare!

I really liked Huey's concept about "Little Bits." He explained that great presentations are made up of powerful "little bits."  In other words, think of each important point and create an elevator pitch. 

Once you have figured out your bit, you need to perfect it.  

Here's how.

Record yourself
  • Record yourself doing your little bit.
  • Transcribe what you say.
  • Edit it for clarity.
  • Record yourself again with the edited version.
  • Edit it again.
  • Once you have what you want down, practice it a few times.
  • Do a final recording to see if you came across as you intended.

Here's the hack!
Innovative educators don't have time to transcribe what they say and they don't have to. Instead here are two ways you can use technology as your personal secretary.

1) YouTube transcribes videos. Make a private video. Publish to YouTube. Poof. Your video is transcribed.
save image

2)  Another option is to speak your little bit to Google docs.  It does speech to text and transcribes before your eyes.  
Image result for google doc speech to text

Huey shared many other tips about topics such as body language, verbal cues, getting your audience attention, and PowerPoint mistakes.

You can see the full presentation at

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