Sunday, February 26, 2017

5 Tips to Getting Started with ePortfolios

Watch out standardized testing. ePortfolios are making a comeback.


Want to join the fun where students get to show what they know with authentic work highlighting their best pieces at certain points in time?


This roundup will help you get started.

1) Choose a platform
First you need to check out what resources are available for ePortfolios. You can start with this list of ePortfolio apps and websites from Common Sense Education. But which to choose? Seesaw and FreshGrade are pretty popular. This video offers a comparison of those two options. Take a look and see which one you like best, or check out one of the others.

2) Find resources to support this work
Helen Barrett has been focusing on ePortfolios for a long time. She has a huge compilation of materials at

3) Understand the process and product
Silvia Tolisano took a look at Barrett’s work and noticed that she explains it is a combination of process and product. Part of that process includes reflection. She laid it out this way:

Tolisano also put together this great visual based on the Portfolio Prompts from tech coach and former elementary school teacher Chrissy Hellyer.

4) Know what makes portfolios powerful

5) Know the difference
Tolisano put together a side by side comparison of traditional learning assessment and portfolio assessment.

A portfolio shows knowledge and achievement
A transcript shows letters & numbers
Silvia Tolisano’s visualization of how she interprets portfolios vs transcripts.

Which do you think tells a better picture of learning? What has your experience been with portfolios? Please share in the comments.

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