Sunday, April 9, 2017

3 Useful #MediaLiteracy Resources You Might Not Know

During the #NYCSchoolsTech monthly Twitter chat Kelly Mendoza, Common Sense Education's #MediaLiteracy expert, shared ideas and resources including Common Sense Education's comprehensive Media Literacy Toolkit. However, Kelly wasn't the only one with great ideas and resources to share. Participate, where the chats are archived has a handy dandy feature where all shared resources are collected. This chat had a collection of 24 resources contributed by participants which you could view here.  Here are three resources that stood out to me as one's innovative educators could put to use right away.

PolitEcho shows you the political biases of your Facebook friends and news feed. The app assigns each of your friends a score based on our prediction of their political leanings then displays a graph of your friend list. Then it calculates the political bias in the content of your news feed and compares it with the bias of your friends list to highlight possible differences between the two.
Cybrary Man’s Media Literacy Page

Jerry Blumengarten, famously known on Twitter as @cybraryman1 has a comprehensive media literacy page.  You can check it out at

This resource from Gale’s Opposing Viewpoints in Context series provides concrete strategies to analyze news.  Give current events a new twist.  Have students go through the elements of this infographic when they read and share the news.  

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