Tuesday, June 27, 2017

9 Keys For Successfully Using Facebook to Connect Educators: #ISTE17 Presentation

This year at #ISTE17 I had the opportunity to share with those at conference, and those around the world (via livestream), nine keys we’ve discovered from years of moderating a powerful group for #NYCSchoolsTech educators on Facebook.  My New York City colleagues, JoJo Farrell (@FarrellJoJo ), Jackie Patanio (@JPatanio ) and I shared how school district administrators have worked together to form a supportive community that encourages educators around New York City and helps them get instant answers, feedback, advice, and kudos, from colleagues around the clock.

If you’re thinking about creating an online community for the educators where you work, our keys to success may be helpful for your community too.

9 Keys to A Successful Online Community

  1. Go where your audience is (for us Facebook).
  2. Have clear, simple guidelines.
  3. Secure solid moderators that don’t dominate, but rather facilitate in the background.
  4. Jargon (PLNs, Connected Educators) can be scary. Just invite folks to join your group.
  5. Be consistent: Group name, social media hashtag, conference name.
  6. Vendors can be your friend if you set the tone.
  7. Remember the importance of scheduling face-to-face meetings (meetups, conferences) too.
  8. Celebrate!
  9. Ask screening questions to get the right members in the group.

So what do you think? Are these some keys you think can work successfully in a group in which you moderate or participate? Anything missing? Anything about which you want to know more?

You can see our presentation below.

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