Friday, July 28, 2017

Stop Wasting Time Networking . Get This Free Book On Networking Success

I've shared Robbie Samuel's ideas on 12 tips to effectively connect at education conferences. If you find those ideas helpful, then you might be interested in getting a free copy of Samuel's new book (for a limited time only) which shares ideas on how not to waste time at conferences and other events and start building meaningful relationships. You'll learn why it's important to stop thinking about what's in it for you and discover the better questions, takeaways, and goals to consider to for better results.  Samuel's also explains that simply collecting business cards is not developing relationships. He shares strategies for effective follow up. He also acknowledges extrovert privilege, explains how extroverts can use that to support others, and provides advice for introverts.  

The book is called "Croissants vs Bagels" because it's an important concept he writes and talks about. He explains that those in tight networking circles at events are the “bagels.” If someone opens up their body language and makes space for others to join the circle--viola!  “Croissant.” Set the intention to meet people and your body language will reflect your intention.

If you feel anxious about networking, this book shares practical steps to help you feel empowered. The book provides clear examples of how to approach and engage people who are different from you are provided, so they’ll want to keep the conversation going. Readers will receive techniques enabling you to be more strategic, more effective, and more inclusive. 

You can get the free Kindle book on Amazon through July 31st.
Croissants vs. Bagels LAUNCH! 

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