Monday, February 5, 2018

An Innovative Educator’s Guide to Facebook Privacy Settings

Like it or not, at this point in time Facebook is the winner when it comes to social learning communities. It is where companies have found they can best connect with customers and build relationships. It is also where organizations have learned staff can effectively connect to keep communication going and learn and support from one another. 

If you’ve tried to be one of the last to hop aboard, but realize it is no longer possible if you want to do your job most effectively, here are some tips for setting up your account and privacy settings.

An Innovative Educators Guide to Privacy Settings

1) Get real
Use your real name. When you don’t not only do you not move toward establishing a solid digital footprint, but you also lose trust and credibility. Social places like facebook are for real people with real names. 

If you were the most popular kid in high school and don’t want all your classmates looking you up because those days are behind you then consider modifying your name. For example, drop your last name or put your title as your first name and your first name as your last name i.e. Teacher Lisa or Techie Tim.

2) Make your profile public
Social media is for being public. Don’t put things there you wouldn’t want others to see. Use social media as an opportunity to be a role model with a strong digital image. Think of it as a space where others can get to know the whole you that you want them to know.

3) Use groups for less public posts
If there are things you don’t want public, use groups for that. What is shared in a group is only seen by group members. Good uses of groups include using them for family pictures and sharing, support groups (i.e. parenting), special interest groups (i.e. sports). Also remember being in a group does not mean you are “friends” with group members.

4) What about the crazy stalker ex boyfriend?
Block em! This way that can’t see what you post. 

5) What about what other people post?
You can control what other people post by selecting the right settings.
-Select that only you can post on your timeline

- Select that you must review anything you are tagged in before it appears on your timeline.  
- Select that you will review tags people add to your posts

Your turn
What has your experience been with privacy settings? Have you tried something that you find more effective? Any interesting stories of peril or success? 

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