Sunday, May 6, 2018

Force Copy: The G-Suite Tip Every Teacher Needs To Know

You know those simple tech tips that make a big difference?  For me it was learning Ctrl+K is the shortcut to hyperlink a word. I use this one constantly. 

I'm going to share one with you that you probably never knew you needed, but once you learn it you're going to come back here and thank me.  This tip is for anyone who values collaboration and if you're an innovative educator that means you. It also means you know there is no better platform for that than G-Suite. Now if you use G-Suite there are times that you want to share document with someone but you want them to use their own version. 

Examples are:

  • Creating an action plan
  • A presentation template for a conference
  • An agenda for a workshop that you want to share, but people should customize it for their setting
  • A invitation that people can customize for a specific audience

The problem with "Make a Copy."

The problem is when you direct others to "Make a Copy" things can go wrong:
  • Maybe the sharing settings aren't right.  
  • Maybe they share with the same people and then you have a bunch of copies you don't want. 
  • Maybe the person doesn't know how to find "Make a Copy" and you have to waste time explaining it, etc. 

Well, there is a super simple, easy peasy way you can force people to make a copy and it's not intuitive.  

How to create a force copy:

1) Create a document and you will generate a url. 
2) Delete the last four letters of your document url. The ones that say "edit"
3) In the place of “edit,” type “copy.”

Voila!  You did it.  Now anyone who you share the new url with will see this:

screen shot of the result where it says "Copy document"

Your turn 

Go ahead. Try it. Click on the following link with "copy" at the end and see what happens?

Pretty cool, right? You're welcome.  

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