Saturday, August 4, 2018

5 Steps to Making It With Students

Innovative educators know the importance of ensuring student learning is real, relevant, hands on and fun. That’s why they also understand the importance of a maker mindset. Teachers with a maker mindset help their students do work that is important to them. They aren’t looking for a specific answer, but rather support students in asking the right questions and finding new answers.  

In New York City at PS 96, Manhattan Ed Tech Director along with educator Lliana Villiegas helped a cohort of Manhattan teachers discover how to adopt the maker mindset. They shared and modeled the five steps below that these innovative educators use with their own students.

These enthusiastic teachers jumped right on board becoming the makers they will soon model being for their own students. They selected one of three maker challenge cards: 1) Make it play, 2) Make it fly, or 3) Make it spin.

Over the course of about an hour they went through each of the five steps just like their students will when they return back to school and completed their challenge.  You can see how they did in the movie recap below. 

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