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The Value of #EdTech Certifications: #NYCSchoolsTech Podcast 3.0

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Educators share the value in developing expertise and showing what they know via #EdTech recognition programs like the #NYCSchoolsTech Partner Certification Program . This program allows educators to develop expertise and receive recognition from companies like Common Sense Education, Google, Apple, Microsoft, PBS/WNET, BrainPop, SoundTrap, and more.

#NYCSchoolsTech educators interested in learning more and applying for these programs can visit the training tab of our website at Schools.nyc.gov/tech and join our #NYCSchoolsTech online community

In this podcast #NYCSchoolsTech Podcast host, Nancy Ribak Altadonna interviews four innovators who share how these recognition programs have supported their teaching, learning, leading, and sharing their knowledge with others.  

Benefits discussed include:

Developing your learning network

Educators explain the importance of developing a network of passionate peers they can connect with face-to-face and online. They also share the value of having a direct connection to staff at the companies whose products they use in the classroom.  


Becoming a part of a group recognized for your expertise, connects you and allows you to develop relationships with like-minded people not possible with one-shot-deal learning opportunities. These programs result in lasting connections and support to an intensive network of others who share your interests.

Owning the learning

Traditionally educator learning has consisted of your administration telling you what should be important for you to learn. This can leave innovative educators feeling disconnected to what their learning. With recognition programs, the educator owns the learning and must convince their administration why something is important showing lifelong learning and agency with a commitment to share what they learn with others. 

You can listen to the time stamped highlights of what some #NYCSchoolsTech leaders said at the links in the table above. Check out what they had to share. If you find something of interest, you can see the timestamp below and jump to exactly what you want to hear in the podcast.

Nancy Ribak Altadonna (Intro)

Social Studies Special Educator at Fort Hamilton High School in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
Nancy is the host of the #NYCSchoolsTech podcast. She provides opening remarks and interviews today’s guests.  

Sean Arnold (2:00)

Special educator and STEM Coach in NYCs special needs program
Sean talks about...
How what he has learned in these ed tech certification programs has helped him find as many tools and resources as possible to support students with special needs in consuming and creating in ways never before possible.

Cindy Wong (8:30)

Tech teacher at Crocheron Elementary School in Queens.
Cindy talks about…
How certification programs have supported her in being a life-long learner and relating to her students more effectively. She also shares that pursuing this type of learning encourages you to reflect upon your own parenting and consider what you are doing well and areas for growth. 

Steve Borba (13:00)

Tech coordinator, computer science teacher, and data specialist at PS 175M in Central Harlem. Steve talks about…
How teachers lives are made easier when they embrace, learn, and develop tech expertise. That’s because tech can give you a new found means and toolset to creatively connect with and reach students. 

Eileen Lennon (21:00)

Tech teacher at Nathaniel Hawthorne Middle School 74 in Queens
Eileen talks about…
How pursuing recognition as an expert enables her to use tools most effectively as possible to support teaching and learning and help others do the same. She also shares how such recognition has improved her ratings and evaluation by school administration. 

Your Turn

Guests answered a series of questions during their interviews. What do you think?  How would you answer the questions this episode's guests discussed?
  1. Why would advise someone to pursue an #edtech certification?
  2. How does/could your school/district utilize certified #EdTech teachers?
  3. What ed tech certifications have you pursued you be interested in pursuing? Why?
  4. How has/can certification help improve practice or benefit your work or career?
  5. Share 1 way ed tech certification benefits students or staff? 
About the Host of #NYCSchoolsTech Podcast:

Nancy Ribak Altadonna @nancella

Nancy is a Social Studies Special Educator at Fort Hamilton High School in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. She became a teacher through the NYC Teaching Fellows program 10 years ago. Before teaching, Nancy worked in media where she was awarded “Best Evening Radio Host” from the Austin Chronicle at South by Southwest. Nancy received NYC Schools Tech certifications as a PBS Learning Media Master Teacher and Certified Soundtrap Educator. She is currently working on a doctorate in Learning, Instruction, and Innovation. Nancy is thrilled to be the host of the #NYCSchoolsTech Podcast which is here to amplify innovative practices of NYC Schools Tech and inspire others in NYC and beyond. 

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