Sunday, October 14, 2018

Tool to Brand Yourself or School with a Logo

Educational institutions are becoming more and more aware of the importance of branding staff and schools in our digital world. However schools and districts often don't consistently have and/or use their logo and slogan in their materials. In fact often staff do not even know their slogan and in many cases if they do, it does not seem meaningful or relevant and/or they are unsure where it even came from. 

Your Slogan: What Do You Stand For?

To begin thinking about branding you can start by thinking about yourself, what you stand for and what a consistent slogan can be across platforms. From there you can think about your employer. My slogan is, "Passionate about real and relevant learning." 

Once you have your slogan, you can begin to create your logo. A convenient site for that is an online logo maker called DesignEvo. 

Getting Started

You can start by searching templates then customizing them.  Here's what that looks like:
Website page with categories and sample logo designs

From there you can customize the design and the words.  It all can be done in a matter of minutes. Easy peasy.  

I designed one for myself which you can see below.  
Passionate about real and relevant learning. Picture of a brown head and torso with green bubbles around.
Logo made with DesignEvo

Use in Schools & Classrooms

There are so many ways this could be used in a school setting.  For example students could design logos for themselves. From there they could have a contest for a class logo.  Each class could submit a possible school logo that could be voted upon.  

Your Turn

Do you have a logo and slogan for yourself, school, or district that is predominately displayed in digital and physical spaces? If you do, how does that help the community come together and get on the same page about what you stand for? If you do not, what are you waiting for? Hop on over to DesignEvo and give it a try. 

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