Sunday, February 3, 2019

2 Tips to Connect with More Families on Facebook

More and more educators and schools are using Facebook to connect with families. However, they might not be connecting with as many families as possible if they are not ensuring they are posting inclusive content. This is particularly important in places like New York City which serves a population where 20% of students have disabilities. About half of the population speaks a language other than English at home according to census bureau data.

Plain Language

Posts should be written below a grade 9 level. This is so the content can be more accessible for those with cognitive or neurological issues. It is also because plain language translates more accurately than complex language.

Alt Text

Add alt text to your images so that those using screen readers know what is is your image.  Here is how:

For New Photos

1) Select "Edit Photo"
Demonstrates selecting edit photo

2) Click "Alt text" and enter text

For Existing Photos

1) Click on the picture in the post. 
2) Select "Options" under the picture. 
3) Select "Change Alt Text."
Demonstrates selecting picture, then options, then alt text

4) Select "Override generated text." 
Demonstrates selecting override alt text

5) Enter new text and save.
Demonstrates entering alt text

Checking Photos for Alt Text

To see if a photo has alt text follow these steps.

1) Right click on the photo and select "inspect." 

Demonstrates selecting inspect

2) When you are in the inspect screen click accessibility and see what words come up for image.

Screenshot of what an inspected photo looks like and where you can see alt text

Your Turn

What do you think? Will you incorporate these tips into past and future Facebook posts? 

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