Sunday, October 27, 2019

Digital FIRST: Your New Acronym for Accessible Content

There may be times when you think it is okay to provide a print/paper only version of content for a student. The reality as is you should do this never, ever, never, never, ever.

Lisa Nielsen, Senior Director of Digital Literacy and Inclusion has her  index finger raised in the air and pointing.  She is telling people that they should never, ever, never, never, ever provide paper only.
Lisa Nielsen sharing when we should use only a print version of content.
Answer: Print only should be used never, ever, ever, ever, never ever.
That's because, if you’re thinking paper first, you’re not thinking accessible first. 

If content is not digital FIRST, it is not: 
  • Find-able through CTRL+F or tabs
  • Increasable to a variety of sizes 
  • Readable by a screen reader
  • Searchable by search engines 
  • Translatable by Artificial Intelligence
Credit for creating the FIRST acronym to my digital accessibility and inclusion colleagues at the New York City Department of Education: Clay Smith and Patricia Paddock.  

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