Friday, March 31, 2023

Forget ChatGPT - Google's "Help Me Write" Feature Will Change Everything

Exciting news for educators and writers: Google has recently introduced a new feature called "Help Me Write" to Google Docs. Although currently available to a select audience of invited testers, it promises to revolutionize the writing process once it becomes widely accessible. Both students and professionals will benefit from having a writing assistant right at their fingertips. Schools and districts may be hesitant to adopt this technology, but embracing it is essential to prepare everyone for academic and career success in the digital age.

Seamless Integration of AI-Assisted Writing

Artificial intelligence tools, such as "Help Me Write," are becoming an integral part of our writing experience. There is no longer a need to visit separate websites to generate writing prompts or assistance; these tools are now embedded within our writing platforms for a seamless and efficient workflow.

A Sneak Peek at "Help Me Write"

The "Help Me Write" feature offers a user-friendly interface, as illustrated in this screenshot:

Screen shot of "Help Me Write." It features a writing prompt.

To see the feature in action check out this screencast.

Rethinking Teaching Strategies in the Age of generative AI:

As educators, it's crucial to consider how these advancements will impact teaching practices. With AI-assisted writing becoming more prevalent, teachers must adapt their strategies to incorporate these tools while still fostering critical thinking and creativity in their students.

Here are a few ideas to consider:
  • Encourage students to use "Help Me Write" as a starting point for their drafts, while emphasizing the importance of personal voice and original ideas.
  • Teach students how to effectively use AI-assisted writing tools without becoming overly reliant on them.
  • Incorporate lessons on digital literacy and ethics to help students navigate the world of AI-enhanced writing responsibly.

The advent of AI-assisted writing features like Google's "Help Me Write" presents both opportunities and challenges for educators. By embracing these tools and adapting teaching strategies accordingly, we can empower students to harness the power of technology while nurturing their writing skills and critical thinking abilities.

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