Thursday, June 27, 2024

Why I've Been Gone: Post-Accident Health Update

You may have noticed that I haven't written on my blog since last fall. That's because I was in a serious accident caused by a hit-and-run driver. The free time I spent writing has now been taken up with visits to doctors and receiving treatment for my injuries. I haven't been too open about my accident in public spaces; however, I feel it's time to give folks who knew about my accident and those who didn't an update.


Last fall, I was struck from behind and run over by a hit-and-run taxi driver in a Chevy Suburban SUV while crossing the street at a crosswalk with the right of way. This accident left me with multiple injuries and prevented me from walking for many months. I was diagnosed with neuropathy and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), also known as the "suicide disease," due to severe nerve damage in my foot and ankle. The slightest touch felt like being stabbed with fiery knives and electric shocks. Even wearing a sock was unbearable. I also sustained trauma to my head, neck, and shoulders, and I will need surgery to address those injuries in the future.


After months of intense treatments—many of which weren't covered by insurance or known by mainstream doctors—I am walking again and even doing some of the activities I enjoy. This is a huge milestone, considering my initial prognosis suggested I might not walk unassisted for at least a year or possibly never.
As my readers know, I'm a writer. To that end, I created a mobility guide to assist others with mobility challenges. There's so much that isn't commonly known or shared. You can check out the guide called "I can't walk. Now what? here:


I've been independent since moving to New York at the age of 21, so needing to ask for help was a big change for me. Thankfully, I had incredible support from those close to me, and I'm deeply grateful for their help—they kept me sane! Here are photos featuring some of the amazing people who supported me when I needed it most.

There were many more loved ones beyond those in the photos who helped. While I didn't capture everyone, I appreciate all of you who called, texted, wrote, came by, met/got me to ER, took me to doctors, did reiki, physical, and desensitization therapy, replaced my icepacks, encouraged me, walked my dog, did my chores, wheeled me to restaurants, took me into your homes to care for me, took me in my wheelchair to get out of the house, and more. Thank you!

Need Support?

If you know anyone with mobility needs and/or who suffers from CRPS or neuropathy, read my guide and/or reach out. I'm now in remission from both. I've learned a lot.

What's Next for The Innovative Educator blog?

While I will still require treatments for the foreseeable future, I'm figuring things out and plan to begin sharing back on The Innovative Educator blog.

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