Friday, February 12, 2010

How'd you meet your significant other?

Lisa Velmer Nielsen: How'd you meet your significant other?

Last year on Valentine's Day I wrote about My Valentines Day Break Up with Hotmail. This year, I thought I'd commemorate the day on a positive note by asking my Facebook friends, "How'd you meet your significant other?" Great snippets from which perhaps some of my non-coupled friends and readers might get ideas :-) Love how Facebook provides a way to instantly find fun and interesting facts about friends.

Here's the note I posted:

I thought it would be fun to find out how people met their significant others. A fun collection of stories for sure. So...please share and feel free to invite your sig other to comment on your version of the story too :-)

Mike HasleyMike
She worked in an office I went to a lot during student government days in college. We knew each other for awhile before I asked her out.
Jacob GutnickiJacob
I was walking the streets of the Upper West Side at an outdoor singles event. I told my friend, lets split in about 15 minutes. A girl calls my name. I suppose she recognized me from other social events. I say, "who are you?" After a good laugh, we talked, roamed the streets of the Upper West Side for several hours, and as they say... the rest is history.
Still looking for mine :-(
Lisa Velmer NielsenLisa Velmer Nielsen
@Deon, I hear good things come to those who wait :-)
Andrew GallagherAndrew
I met my significant other online on a dating site. We met in person after a week or so of chatting, had several dates, and then became exclusive. We moved in together a year later, and have since dealt with countless immigration issues (oh the joys of a gay Brit dating an gay American). We are 2 months away from 6 years together, and now own a condo in Brooklyn. Not bad for having me online huh? Go screw yourselves eHarmony!!!!
Samantha שושנה מזל StouberSamantha שושנה מזל
Thought I found...but didn't work waiting :-) but not really...LOL
Lisa Velmer NielsenLisa Velmer Nielsen
@Samantha שושנה מזל , so how'd you meet your almost sig other?
Samantha שושנה מזל StouberSamantha שושנה מזל
He contacted me on Myspace...we still talk...but it's complicated ;-) I'm moving on :-D
Lisa Velmer NielsenLisa
Here's how I met my last three sig other's.
Current: Apres ski in Mount Snow while the guy I was kinda dating was on stage playing in a band as guitarist.
One before him: Was on a sixes volleyball team that I was helping to get better. He played without knee pads despite my warnings and ended up w/bloody knees. I gave him knee pads for the, and a relationship ensued.
One before him: At a post-volleyball tournament party and we played in the tournament the next day and came in third. He wanted marriage, kids, and the white picket fence. I jumped that fence and fled.
I guess my theme is sports :-)
Alisa BergerAlisa
On And we just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. He's why I am such a believer in the power of innovative technology.
Lisa Velmer NielsenLisa Velmer Nielsen
@Alisa, love it! Congrats :-)
Christine BurwellChristine
Well, I'm the dinosaur of the group. We met in a bar, before the Internet. An old fashioned pick up that worked out well. He tried to convince me that a Sloe Gin Fizz had no calories. He lied, but after 37 years, I guess I have forgiven him.
Janine Walker CaffreyJanine
Over a keg of beer at a Jersey Shore lifeguard party. Just call me Snookie.
Jeff BranzburgJeff
we met at college; seems like wherever i went there she was (although she says it was the opposite). we became friends. then i needed a date for a concert, and asked her to help me find one. she did. her. which was what i wanted anyway. and we've been together ever since. (the year was 1969, and the concert was the 'who' performing 'tommy').
Sue Henderson NeeseSue
Online dating service (American Singles); been married a little less than 9-1/2 years.
Nicky Kram RosenNicky
At a Parent-Teacher Conference. . .
Steve FeldsteinSteve
walking down the street
Leslie SchechtLeslie
Barbara HellerBarbara
in line for graduate school first-semester-class registration
Dorit EilonDorit
Met during a student strike against fees hike. He invited me to his house to listen to music. To my surprise (I had other plans in mind) we drank coffee, listened to music and talked. After 5 dates we started holding hands - - slow cooking can be a good recipe :)
Sebastian MondroneSebastian
Every week, I projected Sex & the City / the Sorpranos for a rooftop BBQ. My wife to be was the consistent friend of a friend, who never really talked to me until the last week of the summer when we realized we were the only two people who had not seen "F' 9/11" What was never an 'official' date has now become three years of marriage.
Barbara Costello KingBarbara
I was 16 years old and at a house party. This really cute guy stopped me from walking through a doorway by putting his arm across it. He was drinking scotch from an olive jar and asked me where I was going - I didn't know what to do so I stayed and spoke with him - needless to say, we're celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary this June. He's a trial lawyer who can outtalk anyone I know - My advice - always watch out for the cute guy drinking scotch out of an olive jar!
Regina AbrahamRegina
We met at a political event at the Museum of the City of New York. Our eyes and smiles met and the rest is history. It's the best museum I know : )
Lisa Velmer NielsenLisa
@Regina, that's my favorite museum too!
Katherine Vailakis TsamasirosKatherine
We met briefly in a local bar. Then 6 weeks later at an Irish Fair in Coney Island. Imagine, 2 Greek-Americans needed an Irish Failr to find each other. Still together after 22 years.
Clinton BembryClinton
I met wifey #1 at a Bar. Salad bar, she was working in a restaurant in Fairbanks. Then I brought her back to NY so she could learn how to be rude to people. Then we married and she stomped me like a grape. But what heaven brought her and I cannot be forgotten.

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  1. I met my wife when we were working on an off-broadwary show together. I was the bass player and she was the stage manager. The show closed after a couple of weeks, but we've been married now for almost 22 years. Not bad, huh.

  2. I met my husband of 7 1/2 years at college. We were good friends for years before dating. He moved away after graduation and a friend fixed us up again at a birthday party. We dated for about 2 years and then married:)

  3. Met mine on IMVU, as soon as I heard his voice i fell... then I found out we liked the same things and then to top the icing off on the cake we shared the same b-day. Been together for a year and a half and married for a half year, he treats me like a princess and i love him so very much.