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100 Video Sites Educators Should Bookmark

Editor's Note: I recently shared A Collection of Classroom Videos to Use in Your Professional Development and More! This post courtesy of The Accredited Online Colleges blog is a perfect suppliment to the on-demand response I received from my PLN.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran teacher or a newbie just now taking college courses — finding new ways to get students engaged in the classroom is always a great thing. One way many teachers are reaching out is with the multitude of material found on the web, allowing them to turn everyday lessons into a multimedia experience. You can find a great amount of helpful material on these sites, including videos to augment your lessons, lectures to inspire students, documentaries to show them how things work, and loads of additional videos to help you become a better, smarter teacher.
Educational Video Collections 
These sites are full of videos on a wealth of topics that can help grab your students’ attention.
  1. Teacher TubeOn this site, teachers can post their own educational videos and find videos made by others on virtually every topic out there.
  2. Edublogs.tvVisit this site to search through a great collection of educational content.
  3. EdutopiaSponsored by George Lucas, this site contains some great lesson plans as well as an assortment of lectures and inspiring videos.
  4. You Tube EduCheck out this site to get access to the great content offered by YouTube, but narrowed down to all but educational videos.
  5. EduTubeHere you’ll find educational videos on just about every topic you could imagine.
  6. Classroom ClipsIf you’re looking for teacher submitted and approved video and audio content for your courses, give this site a try.
  7. neoK12This site believes that kids learn better by seeing and doing, and offers a wide range of educational videos and games to help them do it.
  8. Scholar SpotDesigned with both students and teachers in mind, this site has lots of educational content including lectures, animated videos and inspiring news stories.
  9. OV GuideIf you still haven’t found the video you’re looking for, consider paying a visit to this site. It will help you search through hundreds of sites for the best educational content on the web.
  10. Cosmo LearningThis educational site offers videos that can work well for students from grade school as well as those geared towards high school or college students.
  11. Google Educational VideosHere you’ll find instructions on how to search through Google Videos and bring up only those that relate to education.
  12. LectrOn this site teachers and students alike can find free lectures from learning institutions around the world.
General Video Collections
These sites do offer some great educational content, but contain other types of videos as well.
  1. HuluHulu carries a lot of everyday, pure entertainment TV shows, but it also streams programs from PBS and National Geographic that can be great for classroom use.
  2. Internet ArchiveThis site compiles videos from all over the web, giving you access to archives, public domain movies and a whole lot more.
  3. TEDGet your students or even yourself inspired with the amazing lectures posted on this site.
  4. MIT WorldHear from some of the world’s foremost scholars in lectures provided by MIT.
  5. TVO Big IdeasOn this site you’ll be able to hear from some big names in business, politics and activism and get a look at how they feel about some of the bigger issues facing our world.
  6. Big ThinkCheck out this site from video programming that asks you to truly think about a topic. Not all videos may be appropriate for the classroom, but there are definitely a few that could spark some interesting conversation.
  7. The Open Video ProjectIf you want access to loads of public domain digital video, go through the archives collected on this high-tech library site.
  8. @Google TalksHear from experts in fields like history, technology and business in this impressive collection of lectures from Google.
  9. Forum NetworkThis PBS site is absolutely full of video lectures from authors, academics and thinkers, but you’ll also find some great free PBS programs on topics that are especially relevant to history, science and technological education.
  10. UChannelOn this site you’ll find video lectures from some of the most prestigious institutions around the world.
Teacher Education 
Check out these sites to find some videos that will help you learn more about the subjects you teach and the technology you use.
  1. Academic EarthVisit this site to see a wide range of lectures and courses from schools like Yale, Princeton and MIT, giving you the opportunity to learn more about your subject matter without spending a dime.
  2. Teacher Training VideosIf you need a little extra instruction on working with technology or students with ESL needs, check out the free content on this site.
  3. iMovie in Teacher EducationThis site will show you how you can use iMovie, and by extension videos and interactive experiences, more effectively in your classroom.
  4. Classroom 2.0 VideoThose who struggle with implementing technology in the classroom should check out the videos on this site. You’ll learn how to do a wide range of technological tasks and there are lesson-worthy videos on the site as well.
  5. Atomic LearningUse the videos on this site to find out how to harness the power for 21st century technological tools for more effective teaching. Most of the content comes at a cost, so you may want to try to talk your school district into sponsoring it.
  6. iTunesUTake some of the free courses and lectures on this site to brush up on your knowledge of your specialty subject matter or just about anything else.
  7. Videos for Personal DevelopmentCheck out this site for a listing of some truly great personal development videos that will help your general teaching skills as well as your technological knowledge.
  8. Learner.orgWhile you will find a great deal of video content that can be of use in the classroom, the real wealth of this site lies in the great personal development materials for teachers.
Lesson Planning 
These video sites offer some great content to add to your lesson plans, and many are geared towards students so they can use them at home as well.
  1. Teachers DomainCreate a free profile on this site and you will get access to hundreds of lessons with accompanying videos, photos and other media.
  2. Meet Me at the CornerThis site offers students educational programming, book clubs, podcasting lessons and even virtual field trips–all great additions to lessons.
  3. WatchKnowDesigned for younger students, this site is home to some great educational videos on everything from inspirational biographies to ESL help.
  4. BrainPOPWhile not all the content on this site is free, teachers can still find some great animated videos on a wide range of topics on this site for use in the classroom.
  5. Kids Know It NetworkThis site contains videos on topics like dinosaurs, biology, geography, history and math that are free to use and share.
  6. Khan AcademyThis not-for-profit organization wants people everywhere to have access to educational content, and on their site, you can find instructional videos on numerous topics.
  7. Awesome Stories VideoUse the videos on this site in all kinds of lessons. You’ll find content that ranges from discussing the lives of penguins in Antarctica to the role of African Americans in WWII.
  8. Nobel Prize LecturesWhy not augment a lecture about a famous face in history with a real clip of them giving a Nobel Prize lecture or a documentary about their life? You’ll find both here.
  9. John LockerChoose a subject like history, science or even sports on this site and you’ll get access to some amazing educational content.
  10. Teachers’ TVThis site is a goldmine for teachers, with videos posted by subject, grade level, popularity and with the added bonus of a special section for professional development as well.
Science, Math and Technology 
On these sites, the videos focus on the fields of science, math and technology.
  1. Green Energy TVTeach your students about the latest innovations in green technologies with free videos from this site.
  2. Research ChannelThe programming on this Internet TV site highlights some of the latest research being done in science, technology, medicine and even the humanities so you can educate yourself and your students on the next big things.
  3. BioInteractiveExplore biology with a little help from this site, offering videos and animations that can be a big help in teaching complex topics.
  4. ARKiveFor lessons about the natural world, this site is perfect. It contains a wide range of videos on the animal and plant life of Earth.
  5. Math TVIf your students are struggling to understand a mathematical concept, augment their lessons with some of the material found on this site.
  6. The Vega Science Trust VideosLet your students see potential science careers, discuss important issues and see inspirational figures in the field with videos found on this site.
  7. The Science NetworkSee interviews with big names in science that touch on important topics like stem cell research, evolution, neuroscience, genetics, learning and more on this site.
  8. Pop TechInspire your students with the videos found on this site, showing individuals who are using science, technology and plain old hard work to change the world.
  9. Channel NThis site is full of lectures and videos on the human brain and psychology.
  10. How Stuff Works VideosShow your students amazing and instructional videos through the content on this site.
  11. ScienceStageYou’ll find everything from videos of the Hubble Telescope to problems with human nutrition on this research-focused site.
  12. ExploratoriumCheck out the webcasts on this site to let your students hear from biologists, cosmologists, physicists and more.
  13. SciVeeGive your students a view into the real working world of science, with this site that allows scientists to post videos of their real-life research for students and other scientists to use.
  14. The Futures ChannelThis online channel is full of lessons and video clips on all types of math and science topics, from how to predict the weather to how to build stronger snowboards.
History, Arts and Social Sciences
Here you’ll find a great collection of videos to illustrate the past and help your students see the beauty of the arts.
  1. EASE HistoryWatch videos about historical events, campaign ads, and cultural values on this historical site.
  2. Kennedy Center ArchivesThrough this site you can show students performances from some of the most amazing musicians in the world.
  3. The Archaeology ChannelHelp your students to explore the history of mankind through the great free content offered here.
  4. Peoples ArchiveThis site collects the biographies of well-known people around the world told by the people who know it best–themselves.
  5. Steven Spielberg Film and Video ArchiveOn this site you’ll find an amazing collection of WWII-era footage of the horrors of the Holocaust.
  6. Culture CatchThis site will let you see some of the work being done by up-and-coming artists.
  7. Folk StreamsUse this site to show students documentaries about traditional and folk culture in America.
  8. Digital HistoryWith lesson plans and interactive online experiences for students, the videos found here are just the icing on the cake.
  9. History MattersThis site explores the primary historical documents central to understanding American history.
  10. Social Studies Video DictionaryYour students can look up vocabulary words in style with this video dictionary.
Video Tools 
If you want to share, upload or store your own videos, consider using one of these great online tools.
  1. Drop.ioYou can work with colleagues, parents or on your own in real time using this free online video and collaboration tool.
  2. DropShotsKeep your educational video collection private using this hosting site.
  3. ShwupStore and share all your educational media using this site.
  4. TonidoIf you’ve got your videos stored on your computer, this site will let you upload them to the web and play them in the classroom free of charge.
  5. StashSpaceCreate an account on this site and you’ll be able to store all kinds of video content.
  6. TrooviWith this site you can create an account to store all of your educational photos, videos and documents so you’re always prepared to teach.
  7. VidQue EduSearch through this site for other educational videos even if you’re not quite ready to post your own.
  8. SchoolTube.comThis site is a great social networking forum for students and teachers to share videos.
Network and Program Videos 
These video sites are maintained by TV networks, offering videos of their programming for teachers to use for free.
  1. PBS VideoWith this site you’ll be able to bring the great content from PBS right into your classroom for free.
  2. National Geographic VideoFrom nature to ancient cultures, you’ll find videos aplenty on this site.
  3. Nova Teachers Watch Video OnlineUsing this site you can show clips or whole programs from the television series Nova.
  4. Discovery EducationThe Discovery Channel has compiled the videos on this site just for teachers and students.
  5. C-SPAN Video LibraryStudents learning about government can see it in action through the videos here.
  6. iCueNBC News sponsors this site that offers great clips of important world events.
  7. History Channel Video GuideBring history to life through biographies and historical documentaries found here.
  8. Biography.comLet your students learn more about famous figures in history using the short clips from the Biography Channel found here.
  9. Educational Internet TVCheck out this site to find out about free educational channels from around the world that you can watch online for free.
  10. BBC LearningBBC Learning offers thousands of clips that have been pre-edited and selected to work well in the classroom.
Free Movies and Clips 
Visit these sites to get access to free documentaries, public domain films and short clips.
  1. Film Clips OnlineHere you’ll find short, and legal to use film clips that are perfect for the classroom.
  2. Free Documentaries.orgUse this site to find some free documentary films for the classroom.
  3. SnagFilmsThis site is home to a wide range of both free and pay film content.
  4. Top Documentary FilmsSearch through the documentaries on this site to find something perfect for the lessons you’re creating.
  5. Movies Found OnlineCheck out the search tool on this site to find whole public domain films online.
  6. ABC DocumentariesThis site offers free documentaries from an Australian television station, including many shorter TV programs that can work well in school.
If you’ve got no clue how to use a technology or want to see how things work in video form, these tutorial-filled sites should be your first stop.
  1. 5 MinGot five minutes? Then you have enough time to watch one of these great instructional videos.
  2. Wonder How ToNo matter what you’re trying to accomplish around the classroom, this site likely has a video to help you do it.
  3. InstructablesLearn how to make some great crafts that can accompany your lessons, play new games, or just figure out how to do something you’ve always wanted to do through this site.
  4. HowcastIf you want to know how to do something, this site is a great place to start looking for instruction.
  5. MindBitesYou can not only find great videos on this site, but you may even be able to earn a little extra when others use videos you post.
  6. W3 SchoolsWant to create a class website but don’t even know where to begin? This site offers some excellent tutorials on all the programming languages and tech expertise you’ll need.
Government and Organizations 
Go through these sites to get great videos and footage from the past and present of American history.
  1. The National ArchivesThrough this site you’ll get access to multimedia records that are held in the U.S. National Archives — a perfect addition to any history lesson.
  2. National Science Foundation Multimedia:Here, the NSF provides educators and interested learners with videos of nature, interviews, animations and a whole lot more.
  3. NASA e-ClipsUse these short clips as a way of showing students about our world and the universe that lies beyond.
  4. NASA TVFrom live footage of space shuttles and space stations to programming geared towards use in the classroom, this NASA site is an invaluable resource for teachers looking to add to lessons about space travel.
  5. Library of Congress Teacher ResourcesThis site helps bring together some of the best material offered by the Library of Congress for use in a range of lesson plans on American History.
  6. American Memory Motion PicturesIf you prefer to look through the material on your own, this site will let you search through the multimedia material held by the Library of Congress.

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