Sunday, December 12, 2010

If high school or college were like this, maybe I wouldn’t have hated it so much

This technology has been available for years and few schools are embracing it. While this school uses the iPhone, we could invite students to use the tech they own and supplement those who need with a selected device.

I suggest watching this one first and then the next one. While watching think about what you could do if your school believed it was a right, not a privilege to allow students to be wired at school.


  1. nice look at the possibilities. In HS we will still have some questions..student maturity, creating an engaging curriculum, students that want to learn. Students that will actually view podcasts ahead of time will be the same issue as read a chapter section before you come to class is now Without an engaging curriculum and a desire to learn, nothing will change.

  2. @pshircliff, good points. Still, we must move forward because the prison school felt like to me and feels like to some students needs to change. I wonder if there could be a simple assessment at the start of class to weed out those who listened to those who did not. The ones who did get to participate in the lively discussion. The ones who did not do a less interesting task. Hmmm....

  3. It's time to share the standards, skills, concepts, and sample assessments with the students -- let them decide how they would like to learn -- they can choose a lecture, find a study partner, online course, access all of the media and content through whatever device they choose .... I know their are students out there who would make this fly!