Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tech & Learning's Top Video - Cell Phones in the Classroom. From Banning to Embracing.

My co-author Willyn Webb and I had the pleasure of creating the video, "Cell Phones in the Classroom. From Banning to Embracing" as a part of Tech & Learning's Virtual Tech Forum which provided a fantastic way to engage in stimulating conversation with innovative educators on a variety of provocative topics that are the key to preparing 21st century learners. We were excited to learn yesterday, that...

Cell Phones in the Classroom. From Banning to Embracing
is currently Tech & Learning's top video!

In all there are 8 Videos to Stimulate Conversations About Educatingly Innovatively. These videos are available (and free of charge) for anyone who wants to start conversation or keep it going. Simply show the video and invite viewers to discuss either verbally or via chat. You can take things a step further by inviting these educators to chat with you virtually via Skype or using an instant message service. In fact, I'll be doing this tomorrow with George Mayo's middle school students tomorrow (see his great wiki at

Here are the topics of each video.
  • High School 2.0: Talking Change for Today and Tomorrow with Vallerie Cave and Mike Hall
  • Progressive Learning Environments: What do they Look Like? with Chris Lehmann
  • Cells in the Classroom: From Banning to Embracing with Lisa Nielsen and WillynWeb
  • Internet 2 and High-Bandwidth Connectivity: How and Why to Jump on Board with Dr. Joseph Barrow and Mike Porter
  • Facebook, You Tube and Other Mainstream Tools: Do they Belong in the Classroom? with Cathy Swan
  • The Impact of Social Media in Schools: Welcoming and Responding to the Disruption with David Jakes and David Warlick
  • Disruptive Innovation: Fad, Fantasy, or Future of Learning? with Kim Carter
  • 21st Century Skills: Are Our Schools Teaching Them? with Howie DiBlasi
To watch any of these videos, simply click on the picture below which will take you to each of the videos. Enjoy!

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