Monday, February 21, 2011

20 Ideas for Parents Sick of Waiting for Superman and Tired of Having Their Children Race to Nowhere

What disturbed me most about the much-lauded educational documentary RACE TO NOWHERE was not the outcry of adolescents who explained how school led them to develop anorexia, cut themselves, consider suicide, or require hospitalization for severe anxiety. I knew all that.  What disturbed me was the disempowerment of even the most passionate and devoted parents who have resigned themselves to believing that schools, not parents, have ownership over their children’s education.  

I hear all the time from parents that this is just the way things are so they try to figure out ways to help their children fit into the system.  This is not true.  There are things parents can do.  To follow are 20 ideas for parents who are sick of waiting for superman and tired of having their children race to nowhere.  You can read more about each idea at this booklet which I wrote as a free download to anyone who wants ideas to take back ownership of their children’s learning and lives. 

Idea 1 - Don’t subject your children to the standardized tests.
Idea 2 - Take ownership of your child’s learning
Idea 3 - Kids and Parents Can Design Their Own Learning
Idea 4 - Demand The Ability to Pursue Passion Driven Learning
Idea 5 - Learn without place or time restrictions
Idea 6 - Forget the Pressure of AP or IB. Let Your Kids Take College Courses
Idea 7 - Create Your Own Apprenticeship Program for Credit
Idea 8 - Demand You Child Be Able to Use the Tools They Need to Learn in School
Idea 9 - Don’t underestimate the importance of sleep. Skip first period.
Idea 10 - Find a School That is Right for Your Child
Idea 11 - Start a School
Idea 12 - Pursue a GED
Idea 13 - Learning Online
Idea 14- Homeschooling
Idea 15 - Unschooling / Natural Learning
Idea 16 - Co-oping and Caregivers
Idea 17 - You Don’t Have to Go to School to Get Into College
Idea 18 - Prepare for College Admission
Idea 19 - The Military
Idea 20 - You Don’t Have to Go to College or the Military to Be Successful

You can read the entire guide with a description of all twenty ideas here.