Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Promising Practices of Innovative Schools and Classrooms

I often write about practices occurring at schools that makes sense.  The activities are learner centered and passion driven. The students are engaged and able to use the tools that enable them to learn best.  I've just created a label (aka tag) for these schools on The Innovative Educator blog so that those looking for examples of such schools can find them easily.  The label is "Promising Practices." You can click on the label to read about schools and/or classrooms engaging in this type of work with students.

I've also created two sites that collect such practices.  One looks at innovative schools.  Anyone can share information about their school on the site.  Upon visiting the site you can see information, video, and pictures about a school as they focus on a problem of practice.  The site is Innovation Field Trips.  The other site is called Innovate My Class.  It looks at how students and teachers are learning innovatively using technology.  A nice feature of this site is that you can sort by subject and technology meaning if you teach English and you just received some flip video cameras you can see what other English teachers with flips are doing.  You can also share what you are doing with your class.  Both sites allow for commenting.

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  1. Too often we focus solely on what is wrong and what needs improvement, without proper recognition for those who are making positive, meaningful changes. I applaud your effort to compile success stories - it is just important to share what doesn't work as what does.

    Looking forward to watching these sites develop!