Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Coursehorse Helps Passion Driven Learners Find Classes of Interest

CourseHorse Image & Logo.pngAs schools are tipping toward more accountability, less choice, and more instruction usually driven by data that assesses skills of the past, there are some resources out there that honor the pursuit of learning about personal passions for students of all ages. 
Unfortunately, it sometimes proves difficult to find these resources. CourseHorse, a start up in New York City, was designed to make it easier to match classes to personal interests for those who are want to pursuing learning beyond the Common Core.

CourseHorse is an online tool that helps people find, compare, and enroll in local classes in New York City. It offers courses from over 100 schools, ranging from popular classes like yoga, dance, and cooking, to ones that are more obscure, like stunt trampoline and surprisology (seriously—it’s a class on the art of planning surprises). CourseHorse’s filters allows users to search by time/date, price, and neighborhood, and once they've decided on a class, they can enroll in the course directly through the site.
Currently CourseHorse is available only for those pursuing learning in New York City, but ideally this will prove to be a terrific model for cities everywhere. I imagine high school students would be thrilled if their learning could look a bit more like this too.

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