Monday, October 31, 2011

Share how you're occupying education - It's easy!

I'm doing it! Lots of members of my personal learning network are doing it! Students are doing it! Homeschooling kids are doing it! Teachers are doing it! Parents are doing it! And you should too!  

We are all sharing our stories about how we are transforming education and challenging the status quo in public education by creating a sign and taking a picture with it that includes our faces.  What is powerful about this is it shares the real voices of teachers, parents, and our youth, not just those of the disconnected politicians and corporate reformers.

Participation is easy!

Here's how.

Take a picture of yourself holding a sign that highlights a few ways you are transforming education and/or share the countless, unique ways you challenge the status quo in public education.

If you are a student, tell us what helps you learn best. Tell us what would make learning more meaningful for you. 

If you are a parent, tell us what kind of learning environment you want for your children. Tell us what schools should be focusing on. 

Below that, write “I occupy education.” or “I occupy my classroom”

If you don’t show your whole face, please show at least part of it.

Please have your note be hand written.

Please do your best to be concise.

You can reclaim your voice in education transformation now by sharing how you Occupy Education at

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