Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A blog carnival for those who have a LOVE of unschooling this Valentine's Day

If you LOVE unschooling you'll want to check out the Unschooling Blog Carnival which has a theme of L.O.V.E. in honor of Valentines Day. This means that all blog posts will focus on two things: Unschooling &  LOVE.  Bloggers from around the world share posts. Among them you will find these. Christina Pilkington who writes a blog called Interest Led Learning shares why her kids LOVE learning without school or subjects with a list of exciting "Firsts" captured via a fabulous journaling/scrapbook-type idea of recording life unfolding. Cydney Romano who blogs at Recording the Atoms writes about shifting her perspective and coming to a greater understanding of unconditional  LOVE. I share why I  LOVE how unschoolers learn.  Lindsey Wilson shares what she LOVES about being an unschooling family. Pam Sorooshian who blogs at Learning Happens ~ Unschooling Observations & Opinions writes a post called  LOVELOVE, LOVE where she reminds parents to look more closely at what they do "out of  LOVE ."   Dayna Martin overcomes her own judgements about another mom in Love It Forward. Kate Fridkis who blogs at Skipping School writes about sibling LOVE. These are just a few of them many posts you'll find. To read them all visit http://unschoolingblogcarnival.blogspot.com/2012/02/love.html

What is a Blog Carnival??
If you're wondering what the heck a blog carnival is, you're not alone.  I was too. It's super cool, not just for unschooling, but for any topic you, your children, or students might be interested in.  Here's a description from Unschooling Blog CarnivalA Blog Carnival is a little like a magazine and a little like a carnival midway. When carnivals blow into town, they bring all sorts of entertainment. The Midway is full of booths beckoning you to come see what fun they have to offer. The Blog Carnival does the same thing. Each blog post that has been submitted is like a booth. The blogger shares their post for your entertainment, thought provocation, etc. You can read more in depth with them, or move on to the next booth/blog post. Each monthly installment of the blog carnival, will link you to a collection of blog posts from various bloggers.

Who's Organizing this Carnival Anyway??

If you  LOVE unschooling, just head on over to the Unschooling Blog Carnival at http://unschoolingblogcarnival.blogspot.com/2012/02/love.htmltake a look around and be sure to leave some LOVE in the comment section when you go to the blogs to read these posts. Bloggers need love too!
All you need is love, love. Love is all you need.
                                        Love is all you need...
                                                                        Love is all you need...
                                                                                                 Love is all you need... 

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