Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Join The Innovative Educator Live Tonight on Teachers Teaching Teachers

Join me live on Teachers Teaching Teachers at tonight, Wednesday 2.22.12 at 9PM Eastern / 6PM Pacific/World Times: .I will be among an amazing mix of thoughtful people who will be helping each of us to reconsider our assumptions and to recast our questions about student engagement in high school and beyond. You can add to this mix by listening in and adding to the chat at

Here's what you have to look forward to:
AND MORE! Mainly Paul AllisonMonika hardy, and Chris Sloan are ready to welcome the different perspectives on the important questions like...
  • Who drops out? 
  • Why? 
  • Does it matter? 
  • What alternatives are available? 
  • How do questions about "engagement" -- even what it means -- help us have productive dialogues about what good teaching and learning looks like and what might change in our schools?

All of this on Teachers Teaching Teachers at on Wednesday 2.22.12 at 9PM Eastern / 6PM Pacific/World Times:

I hope you'll be able to join!

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