Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Birthday to The Innovative Educator! You are four years old today, March 19th.

Happy Birthday to The Innovative Educator! You are four years old today, March 19th.

It was exactly four years ago today that The Innovative Educator took its first step in an effort to publicly become a part of the conversation on learning innovatively. As I shared in my post Why I started a blog and why maybe you should too, this blog was born in great part due to the prodding of blogevangelist Will Richardson who I have since named my Blogfather. It was Will who I would run into at events and conferences who would ask, “Have you started sharing your ideas on a blog yet?” and who would write, “if you want your ideas to resonate with me and to be taken seriously, don’t just talk. Engage. Publish. Converse.” I took Will’s advice and like any proud parent, I can say I’ve learned so much from the experience of giving birth to this new creation that has developed a purposeful and professional digital footprint consisting of more than 1000  entries. Now, when I'm Googled, it is me and my blog that comes up on the front page. And, there are all sorts of other important footprints that The Innovative Educator has made. Its print is left on the front page of Google searches like: cell phones in education, uschooling, passion driving or passion based learning, ADD/ADHD, shortcomings of interactive whiteboards, and more.

Here are the top three posts of the year:
Sep 28, 2011, 50 comments 19,719 Pageviews
Feb 5, 2011, 22 comments 13,262 Pageviews
July 17, 2011, 17 comments    12,476 Pageviews

I’ve watched my baby blog grow from no readers to an average of 125 unique visitors a day it’s first year to 336 a day it’s second year to 636 last year and today it has more than doubled that with an average of 1463 unique visitors a day this year and an average of over 2000 pageloads per day.

This year I published a third more posts as last year with the help of contributors Jeff Branzburg and his provocative digital comics, Heather Jones DeGeorge and her insights into how a natural life can lead to learning effectively, Laurie A. Couture who provides her expertise about the importance of honoring and respecting young people and many others.  

As a result of The Innovative Educator I have had the opportunity to contribute to other media outlets.  This year I have also added 12 Most to that list.  Additionally, my first book "Teaching Generation Text" was released this fall.  The success of The Innovative Educator has provided me with the opportunity to present to audiences around the world to discuss how to connect school life to real life, think outside the ban, and help inspire educators to support young people in learning innovatively.  

You also now have Authority! Growing from being just one of millions of blogs to gaining a credible 523 authority rating on Technorati. But, even before anybody was reading The Innovative Educator, you enriched my life with opportunities to practice my writing skills and articulate and develop my thoughts.

The Innovative Educator has helped me understand the power of influence and has given me an outlet to share with my readers more about what I love to do most - helping young people learn in  innovative and meaningful ways! So, happy fourth birthday… and many more!


  1. Congratulations on your blog's birthday, Lisa! And on your blog's rise over the years. I'm one of your newest readers, but so glad to see you here, especially with that "why homeschooling stuff is here" tab right up at the top of your page! Glad you listened to Will and got your voice out there.

  2. Thanks so much Patricia. Not only am I glad that homeschooling stuff is here. I'm also glad that folks like you are here and in my professional learning groups. I've enjoyed learning so much with and from folks like you.