Monday, July 2, 2012

Four Reasons to Consider a Non-Traditional College Program

College grads are having a hard time getting jobs these days.  Anthony Cody recently explained to us that the failure of schools is not that they are not teaching students to become skilled workers, but instead it is not giving them enough experience with doing things in the world. Employers don't want to hire people who learn the theory behind or are "trained" to do things. They want people that have actually done things.

Students are waking up and realizing that in many cases the traditional four year “college experience” doesn't set them apart from the rest and provides few guarantees for employment related to their degree upon graduation.  

Fortunately, there are colleges like Sanford Brown that are hearing this message loud and clear and they are being designed with a focus of providing programs that result in jobs for grads and also give them the flexibility to hold a job and get experience while doing so. That’s possible in part because these  institutions are offering online learning opportunities. More and more young people and people who never completed college are realizing the benefits such as schedule flexibility and a lower cost than traditional options. 

This lets them get a degree as fast as possible to practice in a field that’s in demand and start making their dreams come true.

Here are four benefits of online education programs:
1. Save Time
You can complete an online education program in about half the time required to complete an undergraduate education at a four-year university.
2. Take Relevant Courses
At an online college, you are in full control of your educational experience. You are able to choose all of the classes that you want for your educational experience. You do not have to waste your time sitting through pointless classes that have nothing to do with the actual things you want to accomplish in life. You can choose classes that will give you the practical skills that you need to succeed in the business world or whatever career that you ultimately decide upon.
3. Pay Less for Online Courses
Online educational programs cost less than traditional programs resulting in significant savings for students. With an online program, you can save yourself from paying thousands of dollars in tuition fees. You will also be able to save money on the cost of finding an apartment to rent at or near a college campus. Apartment rentals on college campuses tend to be very expensive in comparison with apartment rentals that aren’t in the heart of a college town.
4. Have Time for On The Job Experience
Online college programs offer a schedule that is more flexible than a traditional college. This gives you the time you need to acquire the on-the-job experience as an employee, apprentice, or intern that will help you get that job upon graduation.  

Choosing to pursue an online education is a smart idea for the person who is on a budget and does not want to waste time in taking irrelevant classes. It requires diligence and discipline, but the result could be a savings in time and money while providing more options for success upon graduation.

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