Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Check out the hottest resources presented by innovative educators at the EdCampBLC Smackdown

edcampblcEducators discovered innovative teaching and learning resources at this year’s EdCampBLC (Building Learning Communities) Smackdown. A Smackdown features a “show and tell” sharing of favorite resources that innovative educators have found to be of great use.  A stopwatch is used to time group presentations lasting up to 2 minutes.
My favorite resource was ThingLink which makes your images interactive by creating hot buttons (of text, video, audio, other sites, etc.) on the photos. It is great for use with timelines, science diagrams, famous pieces of art, maps, historical scenes, and much more.

Here is the ThingLink created by Tracy Skolaski at #EdCampBLC

I also really liked World Mapper which lets you generate discussion and build global perspective with world datasets represented by “warping” the map - great for analytics and conversation starters. 

Below are some of the other resources that were shared with innovative educators.  

Resource / IdeaShared ByTwitter
Collect & publish “stories” of an event, class, etc. using tags and feeds from Tweets, status updates, Flickr, and more. You can also annotate, add media, and categorize.
Lisa Nielsen@innovativeedu
Flash Loan
Change the World in 60 Seconds - Join us!
Jeremy Angoff@mytakeonit
App of Approval
(started by @smeech)
skill-based but customizable and creative
(both $1.99)
Compare a Twist
Compare a Twist is an engaging interactive lesson platform that allows learners to leverage learning through the personalized creation of compare and contrast activities.
Kid’s Journal
Kid Journal easily allows children to focus on the content of their response to “Whad’ya do today?” with an easy-to-use interface.
Sean Sweeney@speechtechie
Many Eyes
This site allows the entire internet community to upload data, visualize it, and talk about their discoveries with other people.
Dan Riles@rilesdan
Make an app list website based on the apps you have loaded in iTunes
Example: http://applist.me/xpm5ka
Barbara Cohen@barblcohen
Trade in CDs/DVDs for devices like iPads and eReaders.

Songza (iOS music app)
Playlists by music experts. Play songs that support learning for free with no adds.
Brian Hammek@hammelb
MIT - K12
STEM videos created by MIT's students for students.  

Janet Dee
Free App
Turn raw video clips and photos into tightly edited masterpieces.
Sarah Doane@sadoane
World Mapper
Generate discussion and build global perspective with world datasets represented by “warping” the map - great for analytics and conversation starters
Shelley Paul@lottascales
Bump can magically move contacts and now can also move photos very quickly from device to device - great for schools that have kids sharing idevices
Michelle Luhtala@mluhtala
Make Space - The Book
How to set the stage for collaboration by helping people intentionally manipulate space to ignite creativity.
Name Missing
Cloudring, Wappwolf, IFTTT,
Allows you to send info from one server to another (e.g. from Twitter to email, or from twitter to Evernote)
Jeremy Angoff@MyTakeOnIT
Makes your images interactive by creating hot buttons on the photos...great for use with timelines, science diagrams or any photo
Tracy Sockalosky@tsocko
RandomMastr app
Make choosing anything a breeze...worth the $.99
This is what we used to give away the raffle.  
Tracy Sockalosky@tsocko

Thanks to Tracy Sockalosky @tscoko for capturing the Smackdown resources and who presented each and thanks to the organizers for making the event possible.


  1. This will seriously help many educators. Thanks for sharing the resources and their use too.

  2. Thanks for the reflective resource share. I love the use of thinglink

  3. I'm looking forward to trying world mapper. Thanks for the list of resources.